Trends of ‘24

For the ones that are fashion-seekers, the new season begins with the fashion trends. Here are the 2024 trends hitting JAYNE this year.

Whites, but not the Winter kind

Now I know we said monochrome isn’t hitting as hard this season but that doesn’t mean certain colors aren’t grabbing our attention when working together. Valentino gave hot pink a well-deserved moment, so what’s next? White. Not ivory, or cream. Stark white.

Large Floral Prints /// Large florals

Florals, while definitely not groundbreaking, Thank you Miranda Priestly, however when it comes to florals, designers are leaving the printed fabrics behind and opting for something a little more dramatic. Creating large embroidery, cut-outs, multidimensional florals, knitted rosettes, and untraditional shapes. Or what Harper’s Bazaar is calling “wallpaper florals.”

So, what will you be wearing this year?

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