Mother's Day The JAYNE Way

Mother's Day The JAYNE Way

Can you think of anyone in the world who deserves something special more than Mom? 

But what does Mom REALLY want for Mother's Day this year? We asked our JAYNE mommas and here's what they said. 

Shop our more-unique-than-flowers gift guide for mom.

A Handwritten Card

Sometimes Mom just needs to hear “I love you.”


There’s an air of renewal that comes with a new lounge set.

Sephora Skincare

Mom loves, needs, and deserves self-care and what’s more luxurious than a few treats from Sephora?

Dainty Jewelry

Moms just want a touch of glam this year. An easy piece to pair and wear everyday. We’re hearing that Mom would also love their kid’s initials on a necklace. You just have to know the Mom you’re shopping for.


Birkenstock updates their flair every year: new colors, new strap styles, new tones, new materials, keep Mom Spring fresh!


Now sunglasses can be hard to buy for someone, however these styles are trending and easy to wear! If you know your mom then buying shades may not be so risky! 

Everyday Purses

An item that every mom had on their wishlist this year? An everyday, every occasion, carry-all, purse.

Plants & Decor

Planting may seem like a Mother’s Day cliché, but we promise you, we talked to Mom and she wants something to satisfy her green thumb. Beautiful, long-living, and picked out by YOU. 

Actually Good Candles

Despite candles being considered a ‘risky gift,’ moms agreed that they DO love receiving candles for gifts.  


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