Handbags You Need In 2024

Handbags You Need In 2024

We have to confess to you, handbags are our favorite accessory. Our ultimate, cannot-leave home-without-it, you-will-never-catch-me-without-it, fashion item. There’s a bag for every occasion you attend, every look you serve, and every item you need to carry with you. 


Bags By Color:

Light blue, cream, burgundy: The colors of the year. 


    Stunning, intricate, perfect to jazz up any look.



    A beautiful texture. A cozy, casual bag.  



    Bucket bags are back. The cutest little bag to carry on your shoulder or on your arm. The perfect play between slouchy and structured. 


    A clutch isn’t a bag for everyday, but it is a bag for every evening. Just enough space for all of your night-of needs.



    Bags for everything. A carry-all. Perfect for travel, perfect for work, perfect for life being lived. A bag for a gal that never stops.


    Sling bags are the hands-free bag of the year. A throw on and go essential.  



    Woven & raffia bags: summer spirit in the form of a bag. Open, airy, laid back. 


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