What Makes the Women of JAYNE Feel Beautiful?

What Makes the Women of JAYNE Feel Beautiful?

Welcome to JAYNE, “An Ageless Adventure,” for ALL women. To those that work for JAYNE the statement’s purpose is to be inclusive, and representative of our clients and staff. We never want a woman to enter one of our store locations and feel that they don’t belong there. We want to encourage every woman to be confident and feel beautiful when they put on a piece of clothing that they’ve discovered in one of our stores. That is the overhanging meaning of what makes up being a JAYNE woman: A woman who feels unstoppable, authentic, and beautifully themselves.

When delving into the idea of beauty we have to remember that the definition of “beauty” is different for everyone, and thank goodness for that! There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing women show off their confidence in special ways.  

Since the core of JAYNE revolves around fashion, in particular, we want to reflect each person’s unique beauty, while mirroring their personality. As beauty is all about perception, I have been interested in what makes the women of JAYNE feel most beautiful, and what ideals they carry with them when representing our brand. We need to remember that beauty is NOT only attainable through exclusive means. Being a JAYNE woman is attainable for everyone!

I know that I feel beautiful when I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing, when my clothes can match my personality. My style changes by day, by mood, by weather. I never want to put myself into a “style box.” Self-expression, to me, is what makes fashion such a profound tool. That’s one of the most amazing parts of working in an atmosphere like JAYNE, which is filled with creativity, individuality, and passion. Fashion is a non-judgmental art form that can be translated between all types of woman.  

Everyone has their own interpretation of beauty though, so recently, I asked our JAYNE brand family what makes them feel beautiful, and what our brand means to them… 

Here are some of the wonderful ladies that make up JAYNE! 

Elle: “Being a JAYNE girl means the opportunity to create a place for creativity, independence, and supportive friendships. I feel beautiful being at ease with the most authentic me, oh and wearing my sparkly boots!”



Breanne: “Being a JAYNE girl means being able to share my enthusiasm and smile with everyone who walks into JAYNE, and getting to work with the most fun and wonderful people every day! What makes me feel beautiful? The supportive and wonderful ladies I work with!”


Mary: “A JAYNE girl is someone bubbly and ready to meet new friends :) and I feel most beautiful when I smile =]”


Cassidy:  “For me, being a JAYNE girl means working hard to help women from all walks of life find their personal style. I want to help empower women by helping them find clothes and styles that allow them to express their unique and individual personalities and feel comfortable and beautiful in the skin they’re in. As far as feeling beautiful, I feel most beautiful when I wear outfits that I feel comfortable in, but also make me feel unique and allow me to stand out. I hate the saying that "beauty is pain" because I believe that clothes can be comfortable, functional, and on trend. When I hit those three points with an outfit I feel unstoppable.”



Erin: "A JAYNE girl is someone who really stands out in a crowd, whether it be for her personality or fashion sense! She is always on top of things and never lets anything get her down! I feel most beautiful when walking along the beach- sun shining and wind blowing in my hair. I can feel the sea breeze against my skin and hear the crash of the ocean." 

So, now that you've heard from some of our ladies of JAYNE, hopefully you feel ready to be the most beautiful and confident version of yourself! 




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