Moving forward with the JAYNE brand: Q&A

Moving forward with the JAYNE brand: Q&A

The future of JAYNE means saying goodbye to our beloved Madison Street Shoes brand. It is a bittersweet time for us, but we are ready to continue growing as a company and that means making changes sometimes. The good news is that JAYNE is here to stay! To all of our wonderful customers over the years...THANK YOU! 

Here are some questions you may want answered about the transition:

Why are you moving locations?

We've decided at this time that it doesn't make sense for us to have two separate stores in Forest Park anymore. The location has changed a lot over the years. We also would like to move forward with the JAYNE brand!

Where are you moving?

Our new JAYNE storefront will be taking over the same space that Madison Street Shoes currently resides in. 7500 Madison Street in Forest Park. It was important for us to convert this location because it was already suitable for shoe storage!

Will you carry the same brands?

Yes and no! We will be keeping many of the same brands we love and adding even more brands that were not sold at MSS before. Brands that were a part of the JAYNE brand, exclusively, will now be offered! 

How long will the new location be under construction?

The new space will be under construction for about a month starting on August 1st. We are going to be making a slow transition so that our loyal customers in that area can still shop. 




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