Here's To The Women That Inspire Us

Here's To The Women That Inspire Us

As a women's boutique, JAYNE, exists to serve women in all things fashion. We began as a brand because of one infinitely spectacular woman, Grandma Jayne. As the rock of her household, she was inspiring, and not to mention undoubtedly stylish. 

Grandma Jayne is the face of our brand's beginning...

...And the women that work for us are the faces of our brand everyday. Allow us to share with you the beautiful women of our JAYNE brand: the uniquely brilliant women of JAYNE.

Always full of beautiful smiles,

 supporters of each other, 

believers in sisterhood,

an all-powerful group of women.

Now that we've shared our all-inspiring women...we encourage you, our wonderful customers, to share with us the women that inspire you! 


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