Learning to be Transitional: Mixing it up

Learning to be Transitional: Mixing it up

Let's talk about being transitional, and getting use out of all your favorite pieces! This time of the year can be tricky. Most people are tired of wearing their thick, winter sweaters, but it isn't quite warm enough to pull out your cute spring dresses. This is why being able to mix up your wardrobe is super important. There are ways to bring spring into your life without freezing in the ever-changing, Chicago weather. You'll be happier making use out of your favorite pieces year 'round! 

Being able to transition pieces is all about vision, being creative, not being afraid of color, and never putting yourself into a traditional box when it comes to dressing. Feel free to use your imagination and play around with different combinations. Buying clothing that makes you excited to get dressed in the morning is one small move that will change your mood! 

We want to help you bring life back into your wardrobe, and take control of the weather the only way we can: with fashion! 

Take this spring dress for example: 

It's a piece that can be worn on the days when we're wishing it was warmer out. It adds a beautiful pop of color (don't be afraid of yellow!) to this gloomy weather we've been having, and you can add layers, like tights or leggings, and a jacket in order to make it more seasonally appropriate. When it becomes the proper time, you can rock this piece on it's own with a sandal, but for now, an ankle boot or sneaker is just fine! 

For the summer items that may be a little too revealing for everyone to feel comfortable wearing, or if you just get chilly easily, there's nothing wrong with covering up a bit more: 

The great thing about personal style is being able to wear a piece uniquely from someone else. For the customer that wants a little more modesty in their wardrobe adding a sweater over this deep bust line still keeps true to the flowy silhouette. This sweatshirt that is pictured can be utilized as a v neck or a v back for versatility, and it ties at the waist to keep it cinched and flattering.    

Being able to see the vision of one item being worn multiple ways takes patience when trying on. It's not always easy to see one piece being worn in a different manner when you've already worn it one way. Creating an outfit should be fun, once you start viewing it that way endless possibilities will emerge from your closet.  

The same piece can look completely different if you give it a chance:

All it takes is a little imagination and a few basics to make one piece look completely unique. Layering is one of the most simple ways to change this plain white, linen dress from street wear to office wear. It's all about having a vision! It's important to bring your own personality to a look. This piece is multidimensional, and owning something like this (a piece that can be worn several ways) gives you more opportunities to create different outfits. 

Sometimes transitioning doesn't have to be as dramatic: 

Be prepared for the changing temperatures by always carrying a top layer sweater with you. This is an easy way to be ready for anything. There are also ways to style the same outfit for different seasons: just change your shoes, add different seasonal accessories, like a hat, or a fun bag, and voilà! 

So, go out there and work your clothing in the most creative ways you can! 



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