7 Spring Shoe Trends!

7 Spring Shoe Trends!
We know that this weather can be deceiving when all we want to do is slip on our favorite sandals and show off our freshly painted toes. While some days have been perfect for that, others have had us taking out our winter boots again...but not without hesitation! We don't need to fret too much longer though, because spring weather is coming, and we're cheering for it! This season the JAYNE team has been dedicated to providing our customers with the season's most comfortable and stylish shoe trends. We want to celebrate the woman on-the-go by keeping her wardrobe up-to-date, and allowing her to always be elevating her personal style profile as the seasons change. 

To help get all of you excited about the warm weather to come, let's take a look at our favorite shoe trends of the season! 

1. A Little Metallic Shine
Everyone needs to have a little shiny staple in their wardrobe. The best part of wearing this trend on your feet is that it doesn't draw too much attention, but still adds a beautiful little pop to your outfit. Metallics are always a neutral, and this season we have them in so many different styles. Never be afraid to let your feet shine! 

2. A Warrior in Camo
Camo has been the hottest trend in clothing for multiple seasons, and now it's made its way to shoes! If you're someone who wears a lot of solid colors, a camo shoe may be the perfect amount of contrast for you. Despite what some believe, camo is actually an extremely easy pattern to rock. We have several different styles, and colors of camo in the form of shoes, ready to be worn!

3. Pops of Pink 
Perfect and subtle: pink, blush, coral, whichever shade you like, we have it! Pink in any form is a classic color to bring into your wardrobe. Summer is for pops of color, and utilizing your wardrobe in new and fun ways. Shoes are one important staple that can make an outfit more bold. 
4. Mustard Yellow
Yellow is the new black, at least for summer! There is almost nothing better than a pop of yellow in your wardrobe. It adds brightness, happiness, and effortlessness to your outfit. Yellow is so easy to style, and actually incredibly versatile.  
5. Adding Height with a Platform
Who doesn't love to be a little taller? When it comes to festival season a little height is essential for sticking out in the crowd. Platforms also add extra cushion to a footbed, who doesn't want that? 
6. Natural Accents
This season we're playing around with tweed and cork on shoes. Incorporating natural elements into a summer shoe is the perfect way to bring the freshness of summer to your feet! There's just something about wearing natural fabrics and fibers that makes an outfit feel easy and breezy! 
7. Cutouts and Textures 
The best part of summer footwear is not only the pop of color that is offered in so many styles, but the beautiful mix of textures and patterns that comes with the changing weather. Let your feet feel free, while decorating them with unique craftsmanship. 

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