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Styling Tips With JAYNE

Styling Tips With JAYNE
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Raise your hand if you need help styling but don’t know where to start!

Styling your outfits may seem daunting at times, which is why people make careers doing it! It takes patience and a vision. Styling is much more than throwing on a t-shirt and jeans and saying "voilà!" It's more about cohesion: being able to see versatility in your look, and being able to colorize, accessorize, and stylize.

Maybe some of you know, but for those of you that don't JAYNE has an in-house stylist, Denise. She works tirelessly to bring fashion to everyone she works with! She’s truly a stylist extraordinaire! 

So here we are introducing some of her "in home" styling techniques for every day use:

Pick transitional pieces:

This means pieces that will bring you into at least two seasons, allowing you to optimize your wardrobe versatility. 

This look features: the Sophia short, the Huntington pull over sweater, the Greyson tote bag, and some cool colored hair clips

Taking an item from day to night: 

We love looks that can be worn with a lifestyle sneaker or a wedge. Changing your shoe can change your whole look!

These looks feature: the Geo print dress, the Plim Soul canvas platform sneaker, and the Buckle Up wedge

Avoid always picking out black: least for the summer! While wearing all black can be chic, adding a pop of color is just simply more fun.

This looks features: the Love Baby tee 

With oversized tops, wear a skinny or shorter pant: 

When wearing an oversized piece, like a sweater, make sure to keep your bottom piece slimmer. Try giving your top a little side tuck or knotting it.This gives a little more shape to the overall look. 

Buying and wearing a proper foundation:

Everyone needs basics for creating a flattering silhouette. Buying tank tops in multiple colors is a great place to start!

This look features: the Fabia cross strap wedge

Some little extras to remember when dressing yourself:

  • Dress to feel confident in your skin 
  • Always wear a little lipstick *It adds the perfect little pop of color
  • Don't worry about what everyone else is wearing *Fashion is about uniqueness 
  • Dress to be memorable 


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