CAMO FOR CHEMO FUNDRAISER! September 27th-29th!

CAMO FOR CHEMO FUNDRAISER! September 27th-29th!

Help our cancer warriors out there!

JAYNE is back with another fundraiser! This time we're partnering with the Wellness House to raise money for anyone living with or affected by cancer. 

Here's how the fundraiser is going to work: EVERYTHING in our store that is green or camo of any color, when purchased, will help raise money for care during cancer treatment! Cancer sucks and we just want to make the whole process suck less by supporting a wonderful place! 

If you don't already know about the Wellness House, you should! They want to work on healing the whole self! They believe in a psychosocial approach to cancer treatment, which means that while chemo therapy works on healing the body we can't forget about the wellness of the mind. "The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recognizes that psychosocial care can help people living with cancer by controlling symptoms and reducing pain and treatment side effects, while improving quality of life" (  

And trust us when we say ANYONE can rock this trend! Here's some outfit inspiration. Get excited to support the cause:


Help us spread the word with our flyer! 


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