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Dr. Martens 1461 Keith Haring Oxford Shoe in White/Black Smooth Leather



Dr. Martens 1461 Oxford Shoe is made from Smooth leather and decorated with Keith Haring's staple designs -- Haring’s illustrations are instantly recognizable , and detailed with two bright character lace charms. 

  • The shoes sit on a rugged air-cushioned sole
  • Reinforced with signature yellow welt stitching
  • 3-eye shoe

About The Artist:

Keith Haring’s impact on the art community was unparalleled. Even those who aren’t familiar with his name are familiar with his work. His art is everywhere. On t-shirts. On the side of buildings. Chairs, keyrings and badges. And now our boots and shoes. As part of a series of collaborations with radical artists, DM’s are shining a spotlight on Haring’s legendary artwork. The New York-based artist’s colorful, cartoonish graphics were deep-rooted in social activism. His publicly-minded pieces questioned authority whilst being accessible and upbeat. There was always more than met the eye. And there still is. An artist who spent his life fighting for the oppressed and against convention, the prolific artist’s legacy continues to make waves. In our first collaboration, we pay tribute to an individual who lived the DM’s mindset every single day. 

*Dr. Martens Are Excluded From Sale*